Jmbo is a lightweight and unobtrusive CMS geared towards the publishing industry. Jmbo introduces an extensible base model and provides segmented templates that are easy to customize.

This documentation covers version 2.0.6 of |jmbo|.


|jmbo| 2.0.6 requires Django 1.6. More on Versions and Compatibility.


Jmbo is a CMS built on Django enabling you to rapidly build multilingual web and mobi sites with the minimum amount of code and customization.

The Jmbo base product introduces abstract models and concepts that are used in Jmbo products.


Jmbo itself is just a Django product and can be installed as such. An easier approach is to follow to get a fully working environment.

Versions and Compatibility

Jmbo is currently developed against the previous stable version of Django.

  • Jmbo 2.x: Compatible with Django 1.6
  • Jmbo 1.x: Compatible with Django 1.4